Nutrition Resources

Pagans In Need Food Pantry well understands that food is medicine and nutritious meals matter. Food insecure households served by the Pagans In Need Food Pantry can be caught in a vicious cycle connecting poverty, health, and food insecurity. In response, the Pagans In Need Food Pantry has developed a dynamic nutrition education program to promote healthy and safe food for those that need it most. The Nutrition Department at Pagans In Need Food Pantry has three main goals:
1. Ensure food distributed to clients is healthy,
2. Encourage clients to consume the healthy food that they receive,
3. Provide food safety education.

Each of these goals is critical to ensuring that clients and their families are happy and healthy!

Use this resource link to search nutrition resources across the entire national food banking network of Feeding America!

Genie tool

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USDA Mixing Bowl
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USDA Ten Tips Education Series
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