Just wanted to check in with everyone and let you know we are still here and kicking. Just been busy making sure we keep the pantry full here in the Lansing Area to serve the clients that come in to see us. There will be some changes happening to the website soon!

Help us

With the help of a Eagle Scout we are trying to make the pantry more accessible.  Please take a look at this link and help if you can.  Also please share it far and wide if you can.

Thank You


Shirt Colors

Please vote by Sunday.  Bill will be closing the survey to get new shirts ordered.

Psychic Fair

Come out and see us!  Help us keep the pantry full of food.


Cost is $15 for 15 minutes

We will be at 5705 S Washington Ave on Saturday May 19th from noon until 6pm.


We are doing a dream interpretation class here in Lansing as a fund raiser.  The cost for the class is 15.00.  There will be a making something part to the class as well.  Travel dream pillows.

Shirt Colors

Here are the colors for the t-shirts and we will be putting up a survey to help choose the colors.  We are going to go with the top 4 colors so that we can expand our selection for the summer season.

What is happening

2018 is moving right along and not missing a beat for us here at the Pagans In Need.

Bill should have the statistical data up in the next couple weeks for pantry.  He is also working on a poll for you all to help with.  We have new colors for the t-shirts and would like to know what you all would like to purchase.

Finally soon we will have our schedule up for the events we will be doing this year in the community.  Some other things will be showing up as well.

While at ConVocation this year we gathered 180 lbs of food to help keep the pantry full!

Soon there should be be some new photos of the pantry.