Pagans In Need

May You Never Hunger ~ May You Never Thirst

How To Help

Thank you for your interest in supporting Pagans in Need Food Pantry! We rely on our community’s help in everything we do, and it’s a tribute to your dedication that we’re able to run so efficiently. There are several ways to get involved!

  1. DONATE FUNDS –¬†Every dollar donated makes a genuine impact, as 95 cents of every dollar goes to client programs.
  2. DONATE FOOD – Whether you’re cleaning out your cupboards and donating our most-needed foods or making a commercial food donation from your farm, manufacturing facility, or place of business, every single food donation makes a difference!
  3. VOLUNTEER – Every single week, hundreds of volunteers are involved in all aspects of carrying out our mission. We welcome and appreciate your time, talents, and commitment to serving those in need.
  4. FOOD & FUND DRIVES – Hosting a food and fund drive is easy! We’ll supply you with food collection barrels, promotional supplies, and an online fundraising page making it easy for friends and family to donate. No place to collect food? Start a fundraising campaign today.
  5. SPONSORSHIPS – Corporate sponsorships are critical to the success of our mission, helping us to reach our fundraising goals while inspiring others to give. We are pleased to offer our sponsors high-profile marketing and public relations benefits. For more information, contact Bill Ehle at
  6. Buy a t-shirt or tote bag-these are printed here in the state of Michigan by our friends. So please help support the pantry and a local business here in the state.