Food & Fund Drives

Food & Fund drives place the power to make a meaningful difference directly in your hands. Anyone can host a Food & Fund Drive. Any time. For any occasion.

Each drive can be custom-made to fit your organization’s abilities, whether you’re a coven, school, small church group or private family. You set the goal and the duration. You provide the location and imagination. The Pagans In Need Food Bank supplies everything else you need to help feed our hungry neighbors.

Fundraisers are the most critical because our buying power means we can really stretch the dollars your group donates. Every $1 donated to the Food Bank provides nearly $3 worth of healthy food at a local grocery store.

Did you know that 90% of the food we distribute is highly nutritious, and 50% of that food is fresh produce? Your drive makes that possible.

Together we can build a hunger-free community. Make an immediate impact today.